"We need to create a visual identity that captures and reflects the energy, youthfulness, and diversity of York University students while also representing the variety of services that the oganisation offers."

York Univeristy Student Centre Re-brand

York University Student Centre

With the opening of York University Second Student Centre and the expansion of its services, it was important to develop a brand that will accomodate to the different divisions of the Student Centre. Our team took on the challenge to create a dynamic visual system that encompasses the unique groups and services offered at the Student Centre.


Visual Research, Brand Identity and Application


Holden Kao, Yasmin Mukino, Carson Young


Illustrator, InDesign


A majority of our team's research weighted on secondary research and finding visual references as inspiration to the vision we collectively had as a design team. 


We were lucky enough to design for a primary demographic that fell under an age range that our team could relate to (18-25 years old). However, we also considered our secondary audiences who are university faculty. Keeping in mind that a majority of our demographic was for students, we strived to develop an identity that would appeal to the youthful and energetic audience.


Each designer created a moodboard based on the new space, student clubs, students, as well current design trends that were fitting to the voice and language that we wanted to convey through this brand. We then collectively finalised a moodboard that encompassed all of our team's vision. These are keywords that reflected the brand vision: bright, solid colours, fun typography, personal stories


The Brand

It was important as an organisation that our brand should be adaptable, communicates our Centre's values, represent the different services the organisation provides, as well as target our different audiences. Starting out with designing simple and minimal shapes that symoblizes the different elements and areas within the organisation, we soon discovered we were able to create a visual system by exploring different colour combinations and patterns. Through these elements, we were able to develop a more cohesive visual brand system. 


The Logo

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Brand Application

Our adaptable and visual system can be seen on our print and digital collateral such as the pocket sized guide of the Second Student Centre, banners, social media, etc.

Pamphlet images photographed by Holden Kao.


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