"I wanted to develop a new identity for a non-existent start-up company. My process began by generating business ideas through a series of brainstorming sessions. Among the generic groups of business ideas, such as technology, environmental, medical, etc., I intuitively found myself attracted to ideas that revolved around health and self-care. Several brainstorms later, I settled and decided to design an identity that is inspired by bees and honey to create brand for a company that provides  natural solution for healing, relief, and self-care."



b: is a contemporary lifestyle brand that is designed for an audience who live active lifestyles and seek for natural and healthy healing solutions. This visual identity aims to engage, empower, and encourage self-recovery and self-care through a friendly, quirky, yet calm tone of voice. This identity is made to be as versatile as its foundational inspiration: bees and honey.


Research, Copywriting, Visual identity, Animation


Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, After Effects



I began my research by looking into how bees and honey are incorporated and utilised in current companies and brands. In addition to researching on current social and lifestyle trends on health, fitness and self-care, I found that it is an area people have been and are beginning to integrate in their daily lives. By looking into different brands and companies alike I got a better idea of the current market, where they are sold (in stores and/or online), as well as the general audience demographic. This portion of research helped me define the company's brand foundation and the concept for a dynamic visual identity.


Logomark & Logotype

The logomark is the primary component of the company's brand identity. The three-dimensional nature of the mark is a reflection of the multi-faceted personalities the bee encompasses which also represents our company's multi-faceted services and products. Its crystal like form is a reference to a healing crystal, reflecting the company's mission of providing active lifestyle seekers with natural solutions for revitalisation and self-care. 


We strive our brand to b: Minimal, Contemporary, Engaging, Quirky, Friendly, and Dynamic


The Visual Identity

The visual identity reflects select keywords used to describe the brand: minimal, contemporary, quirky, and dynamic. The identity is created by continuously referring back to the company's inspiration and values—bees and honey with the purpose of healing— as the qualities and physical properties observed from each respective subject were points of reference in the development for the concept of the dynamic identity. This is specifically visible in the logomark, logotype, typography, visual elements, and the colour pallette.

A majority of products uses the identity's honey yellow colour. Below are examples of how visual elements are implemented onto our brand's products as well as the naming system for the use of the dynamic logotype. 


Final Project Deliverable: The Brand Guide

Carrying through the brand's friendly and encouraging tone of voice, this brand guide book gives users the background story and introduction to the company's values and manifesto. This book is designed for users to b: guided on visual identity and sytem implemention onto different mediums, while allowing and encouraging creative freedom within the restrictions provided. 


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